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Eric Ducharme

The Mertailor

Eric Ducharme was raised by mermaids. Visiting his grandparents in Florida, he was five years old when he first encountered the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs, he stood in front of the glass, so close he could hear and feel the bubbles as he watched a dark-haired mermaid swim by in a gold lame mermaid […]

The3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure 12

Mermaid lovers rejoice! From the creators of The3Tails TV show comes “The3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure” “A mystical and mysterious film centered on three ordinary girls – Emily (Natasha Garreton), Selena (Marlena Rayne) and Jackie (Sofia Garreton), who share an extraordinary secret. Everything is going well until… they get kidnapped and their secret may be […]