Hannah Mermaid


The kind of class we’ve always wanted!!!

We all know the story of The Little Mermaid who wanted to get her human legs, but where you The Little Girl who always wanted to get a Mermaid Tail? Now you can get your own Mermaid Tail and jump into a Mermaid Lesson for just $40. With a class at The Los Angeles Mermaid School, the ­“finstructors” […]

Watch Clueless Guys Fail Epically at This Mermaid Workout

The Mermaid Workout is blowing up across the country. Classes are selling out and everyone want to get in shape like a Mermaid. Just throw on a Swimmable Mermaid Tails such as the ones from the2tails.com and workout like a mermaid with more than just boring laps in the pool. These Men did just that… and found […]