Care and Feeding of Mermaids : Hibiscus Citrus Cooler

securedownload (2)Arco Aquilus signing in from a beautiful beach here in Akumal, just south of Cancun. I’d love to share a favorite beverage of the native Merfolk, Agua de Jamaica.

This refreshing tea made from dried hibiscus flowers tastes very much like cranberry juice with its tart flavor and are reputed to have many health benefits including reducing hypertension. With the stressful life of the biped, traffic, jobs, school and not enough beach time, it seems to me that you should mix up a batch of this tea this very afternoon!


In a pitcher combine 2 cups cane sugar with 2 cups dried hibiscus flowers. Slice up severalcitrus fruits, I recommend grapefruit, lime, orange or lemon, or any combination. Add sliced fruit to pitcher. Pour 12 cups of cold water over and stir. 

Allow mixture to sit either covered out or in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours. 

Strain before serving to remove flower and fruit pieces. Serve cold.