Care and Feeding of Mermaids : Rice Miso Soup

Arco Aquilus signing in from Yumigahama, Tokyo… and just like the name says I have something yummy to share!! 

519nAaAq57LOf course, sea weed is a staple of the mer-diet and for good reason! Kombu, a member of the kelp family, is high in calcium, iron and iodine. Not only is kombu an excellent source of nutrients it also has many detoxifying and alkalizing properties as well. 

My favorite and easy miso soup utilizes kombu to bring that umami flavor and warm your tummy and soul!


In a pot bring 1 quart water to a boil, lower the heat and add 1 small sheet of dry kombu seaweed (6×4 inches,) and 4 dry shiitake mushrooms

Allow this to simmer for approximately 20 minutes, the mushrooms and sea weed will begin to hydrate. Add 1/2 cup mild yellow miso paste and stir thoroughly to combine. Lastly add 1 cup cooked white rice.

Allow to simmer to heat the rice. Never bring soup to a boil. Serve warm.