Mermaid Art

Sand Mermaids in San Francisco

Last weekend (April 13th) the city of San Francisco enjoyed a brief visitation from two sandy water nymphs.  They arrived, lounged about and slipped away back into the ocean from whence they came…   Hello beautiful! #SanFrancisco #sand #Mermaid A photo posted by Yev Pusin (@yevp) on Apr 11, 2015 at 4:34pm PDT Sand Mermaids […]



Depths of the Sea

This striking Pre-Raphaelite painting and the accompanying verse were first introduced to the public at the Royal Academy (London, England) in 1886… “Yea, draw him gently through the strange seaways  Down through the dim, green, water whispering.  Thy cold lips have not kissed so fair a thing  As this young mariner for many days.  So […]

City of Mermaids

Mer-friends!  Another destination to add to your travel itinerary.   Warsaw, Poland, for centuries the city has revered the double-tailed Mermaid as their symbol.  She is found watching over the city, valiantly brandishing her sword and shield, said to indicate the fighting spirit of the citizens.           She can be seen adorning […]



Syrena 1

Merfriends!  Sculptor William Jeffrey Jones is responsible for creating this amazing hand carved instrument, featuring an elegant sea siren… He discusses the piece on his website: “The legendary mermaid seemed the perfect motif for one of my carved instruments, allowing me to combine the fantastic with the female form. I’ve been planning this guitar for […]

A Hat Fit for a Mermaid!

A Mermaid’s wardrobe just isn’t complete without the right hair accessories!  A little octopi fascinator is just the right touch for a fashion forward Mer.  Check out these fabulous Cephalopods from Kristie Williams, featured in a recent BuzzFeed article, available from her Etsy store and DeviantArt Gallery.


from the the digital collections of Harvard's Houghton Library -Anisfeld, Boris Israelevich, 1879-1973. Sadko : costume designs for Mermaids in Sea Kingdom scene, 1911

Sadko : In the Underwater Kingdom

via IMDB – Sadko –  Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s dazzling Opera in seven tableaux.  A classic Russian mermaid tale… “The epic journey of Sadko a sea-faring minstrel from Novgorod, his wife Libava and their encounters with Volkhova, a sea Princess and the court of her parents the Tsar and Tsarina of the Sea. Sadko traveling on his ship “Falcon” […]

The Meaning of Mermaids | Theatre reviews, news & interviews | The Arts Desk

For my Mer-friends across the pond, Writer/Director Polly Teale explores a deeper and very personal meaning to the Hans Christian Andersen classic story with “Mermaid,” a touring production for the Shared Experience Theater Company. From the “Shared Experience” website “Shared Experience is renowned for its thrilling adaptions of literary classics.   Using a choir of local young […]

'The mermaids live beneath the ocean in a state of unselfconscious freedom until they come of age and swim up to the surface


Mermaid of Užupis

via Spotted by Locals by Radvile Bieliauskiene In Lithuania there is an island, seven bridges cross the River Vilnelė to the Independent Republic of Užupio, a community of artists.  Perched on the river embankment beneath the central bridge, The Mermaid of Užupis sits waiting for her star–crossed lover… “We all know some legends and stories about mysterious creatures called mermaids – beautiful girls […]