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Wings Hawaii : Shooting Starmaid Necklace

Greetings Merfriends, I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I like better than discovering beautiful adornment for my gills and fins! Swimming past Maui this week, I happened on Wings Hawaii.  Lots of shiny baubles!  I picked up the Brass Shooting Starmaid Necklace, “a one-of-a kind gem. Her hammered tail looks like scales and her […]


Mermaid Magazine 2

  FAERIE MAGAZINE ISSUE #25 “Mermaids is a special issue of Faerie Magazine devoted entirely to our favorite creatures of the sea. Edited by Carolyn Turgeon, Mermaids features original fiction and poetry from authors like Alice Hoffman, Aimee Bender, Keith Donohue, Francesca Lia Block, Tera Lynn Childs, Matthea Harvey, Jane Yolen, and more.    Head […]



A Hat Fit for a Mermaid!

A Mermaid’s wardrobe just isn’t complete without the right hair accessories!  A little octopi fascinator is just the right touch for a fashion forward Mer.  Check out these fabulous Cephalopods from Kristie Williams, featured in a recent BuzzFeed article, available from her Etsy store and DeviantArt Gallery.

Mermaid Portfolio Workshops

Merfriends! I cannot tell you how excited I am to stumble across this little treasure.  For all you lovelies who dream of flipping your fins for the cameras, check out the Mermaid Portfolio Workshops coming up Summer of 2015! From their Facebook page: “An amazing trip for Mermaids Building their Portfolios. Our Workshop will provide […]

Mermaid Portfolio Workshop

Eric Ducharme

The Mertailor

Eric Ducharme was raised by mermaids. Visiting his grandparents in Florida, he was five years old when he first encountered the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs, he stood in front of the glass, so close he could hear and feel the bubbles as he watched a dark-haired mermaid swim by in a gold lame mermaid […]

Mermaid Oceana

From “Vancouver is Awesome” photographer Tallulah interviews the fascinating Brianna Lake (Mermaid Oceana).  Giving us a little window into what life is like for a professional mermaid… Vancouver People Project Volume 24 – Brianna Lake (Mermaid Oceana) Many times a day, the people you see crossing the street or meet in your travels make you smile and wonder, “What is […]


Splashtails Photo

SplashTails Australia

G’day Mate! For all our little mermaids down under there is SplashTails Australia From their website… “Our mission here at Splashtails is to provide the highest quality swimmable Mermaid Tails and Play Tails on the market to suit a range of ages. We aim to provide gorgeous fabrics while not compromising on quality, comfort and […]


For my fellow mermaids… written by David Graver “Among the many wondrous gatherings we’ve explored in our Conventional Wisdom series—a trek through unique conventions across the US with photographer Arthur Drooker, as he prepares for a photography book on the subject—nothing is quite like Merfest. This costumed celebration of the mythological mermaid is run by […]

Photo by Arthur Drooker


Swimmable Mermaid Tails….

by “Four years ago, The2Tails was a small idea that was started by two little girls. They loved dressing up and playing like mermaids. When they couldn’t find anything that was like a real mermaid tail, they set out to make one themselves…which was just the beginning!”  Check out the tails in action: