Mermaid School

The kind of class we’ve always wanted!!!

We all know the story of The Little Mermaid who wanted to get her human legs, but where you The Little Girl who always wanted to get a Mermaid Tail? Now you can get your own Mermaid Tail and jump into a Mermaid Lesson for just $40. With a class at The Los Angeles Mermaid School, the ­“finstructors” […]



Mermaid School: Los Angeles

Mermaid School has come to the West Coast!  For Ages 8 and up, you can live your dream of swimming like a mermaid.  From the LAMermaid School website: “Our LA Mermaid School is taught by the very same finstructors who make a spash in Hollywood with their incredible tricks, techniques, and mesmerizing personalities. In this […]

AquaMermaid – Toronto

In March, we told you about AquaMermaid, a mermaid swim school in Montreal, Quebec.  Well, Chartier Hénault brought her AquaMermaid workout program to Toronto, AquaMermaid opened its new school on Sunday at a Leslieville Recreation Centre. According to Hénault, “AquaMermaid is an artistic expression and a fun way to keep fit. It is a new […]



Mermaid Pool Party

Ann Arbor, Michigan World of Swimming brought us Mermaids in New York and now they introduce a fin-tastic opportunity for your mer-kiddo’s next birthday party!  Introducing the Mermaid Pool Party, available in your backyard pool or rented swimming pool.  According to their website… “Hire package starts from $400 for up to 10 kids and includes: […]

Weeki Wachee

One of the very best places to have a real life mermaid encounter?  At the intersection of 50 and Route 19, you will find Weeki Wachee Springs, “the world’s only city of live mermaids.” (population: 12) and a 538-acre state park.  The Mertailor, Eric Ducharme got his start at Weekee Wachee. They offer a “Sirens of the Deep” camp for […]



Mermaids in New York

The Mermaid Swim School – Brooklyn, New York – St. Francis College pool – taught by Estonian national swim champion and model Merle Liivand, children ages 8-12 will learn to perform “mermaid surfacing” described as a “plunge out of the water, slight roll, and total lift of the tail before re-submerging.” and other fabulous signature mermaid moves, and receive a […]


Add Montreal, Quebec to your list of places to visit!  In February of this year Chartier Hénault launched her AquaMermaid workout program that allows students to put on a monofin and transform into a mermaid.  A win-win, getting to experience slipping into a tail and fin AND getting an awesome core workout too!  Check out the video below, […]

Aqua Sirene