Mermaid of Užupis

via Spotted by Locals by Radvile Bieliauskiene

In Lithuania there is an island, seven bridges cross the River Vilnelė to the Independent Republic of Užupio, a community of artists.  Perched on the river embankment beneath the central bridge, The Mermaid of Užupis sits waiting for her star–crossed lover…


“We all know some legends and stories about mysterious creatures called mermaids – beautiful girls with a fish tail. According to legend, they lure sailors with beautiful music and lovely singing. The most famous mermaid is the one from a fairy tale The Little Mermaid, written by Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson. The statue of little mermaid is a major touristic attraction in Copenhagen. However not many guests of Vilnius know, that Vilnius also has its own mermaid, who is waiting for visitors as well.

The statue of this mermaid is located in the famous artists’ district Užupis, on the Vilnelė river embankment. This bronze mermaid statue has become one of the Užupis symbols. As the dwellers of Užupis say, it attracts people from all over the world to come to Užupis. And those who fail to resist her charms are to stay in Užupis forever. Whereas we all know that a mermaid has always been a symbol of love, temptation, intuition, hope and power.

In 2004, the mermaid was claimed by rising waters of the river. Luckily, the statue was found and returned to its place.

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Note: The content of “Mermaid of Uzupis” was written by Radvile Bieliauskiene for Spotted by Locals, It is being re-posted here with permission. You can click on the above hyperlink to view the original and engage in the lively discussion in the comments section.