Mermaids – Calm Ocean Coloring Collection

via Selina Fenech I love this! An alternative to meditation, adult coloring books are a wonderful way to practice mindfulness!  Hundreds of thousands of stressed-out people have taken to this unlikely means of relaxation.  Art therapy has been shown in studies as a very effective way to reduce stress and coloring seems to offer some similar […]



Mermaid Treasure – Sea Glass

July 25-26, 2015, 10am-4pm daily – Come celebrate Nova Scotia’s Sea to Shore Sea Glass Festival.  With appearances by the Halifax Mermaids, Mutiny and Nessie. “This 2 day event, taking place in Kentville Center Square, will feature sea glass creations, ocean inspired artisans, musicians, coastal artists, driftwood furniture, seafood tastings, guest speakers, sea glass shard contests […]

Mermaid Adventure Scratch and Sketch

Interactive Mermaid fun – from Peter Pauper Press Inc. – an Art Activity Book for Artistic Mermaids of All Ages! “Help the mermaid princess find her lost treasure. It’s a real Mermaid Adventure as she races to get back to her castle in time for her royal birthday ball! Trace the white picture outlines and reveal the […]


Original artwork by Sully-S

Sully’s Mermaids

Tumblr artist Sully-S brings us these graceful, elegant mermaids. His portfolio of mermaids is varied and a lovely salute to diversity. Head over to Tumblr to see more of his work!

John William Waterhouse : A Mermaid

A stunning work of art.  “A Mermaid” : Painted in the style of the Romantics, by renowned Neo-Classical artist John William Waterhouse, his work frequently featured tragic or powerful women.  “A Mermaid” was completed in the year 1900, as his diploma piece for the British Royal Academy.

A Mermaid : John William Waterhouse

Isla Pirata Mermaid Statue (far right). Photo © by Hotel Isla del Pirata.

Pirate Island Mermaid

The pristine Isla del Pirata is one of the 30 coral islands forming the Rosario Archipelago just off the coast of Cartagena in Colombia.   A national park and tiny tourist destination, on the island you will find the Hotel Isla del Pirata providing the freshest Caribbean Colombian food, day tours and activities.  But best of all, the […]

Lori Lemaris: Superman’s Mermaid Girlfriend

Mer-friends, little known fact…Superman dated a mermaid! Lori Lemaris first appeared Superman #129 in May of 1959, she hails from Tritonis, a city in the lost continent of Atlantis.  Lori’s mermaid abilities include – breathing underwater, fast swimming, telepathy, transformation (human-to-mermaid only).  Lori and Clark Kent met while they were in college, where Lori was […]

Lori Lemaris in her first appearance, in Superman (volume 1) #129, May 1959. Art by Wayne Boring.
"Lori Lemaris" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -


Art Deco Mermaid : Jesua Bones

Hello Merfriends! Check out this original piece by talented artist Jesua Bones! The artist is a longtime mermaid fan, and draws them frequently: “They’ve always had my attention even at a younger age. There’s something magical about them. I love magical creatures especially ones from the ocean. This drawing just captures leisure and luxury of […]

Sand Mermaids in San Francisco

Last weekend (April 13th) the city of San Francisco enjoyed a brief visitation from two sandy water nymphs.  They arrived, lounged about and slipped away back into the ocean from whence they came…   Hello beautiful! #SanFrancisco #sand #Mermaid A photo posted by Yev Pusin (@yevp) on Apr 11, 2015 at 4:34pm PDT Sand Mermaids […]



Depths of the Sea

This striking Pre-Raphaelite painting and the accompanying verse were first introduced to the public at the Royal Academy (London, England) in 1886… “Yea, draw him gently through the strange seaways  Down through the dim, green, water whispering.  Thy cold lips have not kissed so fair a thing  As this young mariner for many days.  So […]