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The Glass Mermaid: A Falling in Deep Novella

via Poppy Lawless  “I’m the last mermaid. I’m back on shores of Lake Erie, but the cold waters are silent. There is nothing here for me but ghosts and the beach glass that litters the rocky shore. Long ago, I lived below the waves. Now, I am the sole survivor, and at long last, my […]



Mermaids in the Backyard

Via Catherine Hapka, illustrated by Patricia Castelao available for purchase on Amazon  “Lindy doesn’t want to move to the bug house. That’s what she calls her family’s new beachfront house on stilts. She misses her best friend and her life back in Chicago. But her feelings change during a storm when Lindy hears a cry […]

Mermaid Sister

via Mary Ann Fraser “Shelly is tired of her brother, Gordy. She’d much prefer a sister. So when Coral catches a wave to shore, they are instant friends, even if one of them has flippers instead of feet. They dance and play and eat peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches. It’s great having a mermaid sister! […]

Mermaid Sister


The Mermaid’s Treasure

  via Stephanie TRUE Peters “Another sparkling gift book from The New York Times bestselling author of A PRINCESS PRIMER. For anyone who has ever wondered if mermaids exist, here is a stunning oversize novelty book that reveals everything about their secret world, from how to recognize and find them to tips about their style and preferences. Stories […]

Fairytale Hairdresser and the Little Mermaid

Lovely author Abie Longstaff talks about her latest children’s book, “Fairytale Hairdresser and the Little Mermaid” Abie’s writing is a fresh look at the classic fairytale with a great message about loving yourself just as you are! MadeForMums is running a contest through 05/31/15 to win a copy of the book, click on the link to enter!  



The Secret World of Mermaids (The Kingdom of Wrenly)

Mer-mamas! For your early readers, “The Kingdom of Wrenly” from author Jordan Quinn “Prince Lucas discovers underwater secrets when he gets a glimpse of the mermaids’ kingdom in this eighth chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series. Lucas and Clara are floating on a raft when a wave hits and throws Lucas into […]

Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist

Mermaid Emily is back! Written by Liz Kessler, illustrated by Natacha Ledwidge “When Emily Windsnap discovers an old diamond ring during a class hunt for trinkets, how is she supposed to know that the ring is half the key to unlocking an ancient curse by Neptune himself? Now, with the ring stuck firmly on her hand, […]



Freshwater Mermaid

Well known fact about Mermaids…they are magical! And can be found frolicking in a variety of unexpected places, even in large freshwater lakes. via Denise Brennan-Nelson  “Tallulah doesn’t look like the other young mermaids living in the ocean. Her tail is a dull gray. And when all the other mermaids go on a quest to find […]

Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

by Jane O’Connor “Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, couldn’t be more excited about their upcoming dance show. After all, it’s all about mermaids—and who knows how to be a fancy, glamorous mermaid better than Fancy Nancy herself? But when another ballerina wins the coveted role of the mermaid, Nancy is stuck playing a […]

Fancy Nancy

A Mermaid Tea PArty

A Mermaid’s Tea Party

For the little Mers, a story wrapped up in a lovely lesson from Sally Huss… “This was a special day for Mermaid Maggie and all the other little mermaids. So, she hurried through breakfast of seaweed cereal with berry wrack, sugar kelp, whale milk and scrambled fish eggs, and went on her way. Their teacher, Miss Crandall, had promised the […]