Instagram, Mermaid food fun for all you Mer-Mamas! You can follow @thenaturalnurturer on Instagram for more great, fresh, whole food, vegetarian, plant based recipe ideas!     I had the day off from work, so Alice and I hit the beach for a picnic and a little wave splashing. We are now both throughly exhausted and […]

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Care and Feeding of Mermaids: Coconut-Lime-Ginger Popsicles

This is Arco Aquilus signing in from a hidden beach near Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. I have been enjoying the beautiful balmy weather here and the bounty of delicious foods available to us here in the cove.  There has long been speculation on the diet of merfolk by the biped population. I will […]

The Care and Feeding of Mermaids…

Hello Merfriends!  A happy announcement, next week we will be joined by a my very good friend and fellow mermaid, Arco Aquilus.  Arco will be contributing some delicious, easy, mermaid friendly recipes for us… Chef Iris Green aka Arco Aquilus of Iris’s Petite Bake Shoppe has been happily gluten free since October 2011, and has […]