Bola Ogun : Interview with The Water Phoenix

Part 2 in a 3 part series about The Water Phoenix and her creator Bola Ogun. Last week we introduced The Water Phoenix (Mermaid Anya). Today we dive deeper with filmmaker and star Bola Ogun…   How were you first introduced to Mermaids? Like a lot of ladies of my generation, as a child, Ariel was my first mermaid […]


'The mermaids live beneath the ocean in a state of unselfconscious freedom until they come of age and swim up to the surface

The Meaning of Mermaids | Theatre reviews, news & interviews | The Arts Desk

For my Mer-friends across the pond, Writer/Director Polly Teale explores a deeper and very personal meaning to the Hans Christian Andersen classic story with “Mermaid,” a touring production for the Shared Experience Theater Company. From the “Shared Experience” website “Shared Experience is renowned for its thrilling adaptions of literary classics.   Using a choir of local young […]

Mermaid Inspiration…

A big thank you to Mermaid Sherlyn of Mermaid with a Book for introducing us to author Katie O’Sullivan, who wrote Son of a Mermaid. Katie has a Pinterest Board where she pins images that inspire her writing, head over to Pinterest to see what fires her imagination! Mermaids and Ocean Views And check out Sherlyn’s interview […]



Mermaid Oceana

From “Vancouver is Awesome” photographer Tallulah interviews the fascinating Brianna Lake (Mermaid Oceana).  Giving us a little window into what life is like for a professional mermaid… Vancouver People Project Volume 24 – Brianna Lake (Mermaid Oceana) Many times a day, the people you see crossing the street or meet in your travels make you smile and wonder, “What is […]