Syrena 1

Merfriends!  Sculptor William Jeffrey Jones is responsible for creating this amazing hand carved instrument, featuring an elegant sea siren… He discusses the piece on his website: “The legendary mermaid seemed the perfect motif for one of my carved instruments, allowing me to combine the fantastic with the female form. I’ve been planning this guitar for […]

Sadko : In the Underwater Kingdom

via IMDB – Sadko –  Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s dazzling Opera in seven tableaux.  A classic Russian mermaid tale… “The epic journey of Sadko a sea-faring minstrel from Novgorod, his wife Libava and their encounters with Volkhova, a sea Princess and the court of her parents the Tsar and Tsarina of the Sea. Sadko traveling on his ship “Falcon” […]

from the the digital collections of Harvard's Houghton Library -Anisfeld, Boris Israelevich, 1879-1973. Sadko : costume designs for Mermaids in Sea Kingdom scene, 1911

'The mermaids live beneath the ocean in a state of unselfconscious freedom until they come of age and swim up to the surface

The Meaning of Mermaids | Theatre reviews, news & interviews | The Arts Desk

For my Mer-friends across the pond, Writer/Director Polly Teale explores a deeper and very personal meaning to the Hans Christian Andersen classic story with “Mermaid,” a touring production for the Shared Experience Theater Company. From the “Shared Experience” website “Shared Experience is renowned for its thrilling adaptions of literary classics.   Using a choir of local young […]