Alabama Mer-friends!  Head over to the University of South Alabama today and meet a mermaid! MerFaire is an immersive celebration of the written word, hosted by Poetic Presence. In an interview with Lindsay Mott from AL.com, their founder Jessica Jones says,  “The mermaid and sea theme stems from the rich history of literature that is inspiration from water. Bodies of […]



The Mermaid Song

Courtesy of Shanties and Sea Songs   The Mermaid Song is a sea shanty.  “Sea shanties are not the only songs associated with work on the sea, nor the only ones sung on board. Almost any song with a regular beat can be used to synchronize steady-paced work such as winding a capstan or a […]

Mermaid: Poetry inspired by the Sea

via Mary Jade Monroe Sweet, whimsical poetry for lovers of the ocean… “Mermaid is a collection of poems inspired by the sea. Classic, romantic and lyrical, the much loved book is the ideal companion when at the beach or in need of escape into the crystal depth. About the Author: Mary Jade Monroe was born […]