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The3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure 12

Mermaid lovers rejoice! From the creators of The3Tails TV show comes “The3Tails Movie: A Mermaid Adventure” “A mystical and mysterious film centered on three ordinary girls – Emily (Natasha Garreton), Selena (Marlena Rayne) and Jackie (Sofia Garreton), who share an extraordinary secret. Everything is going well until… they get kidnapped and their secret may be […]



OH EMM GEE!! Splash Too

What is even better than vintage 80’s mermaid?  Cheesy, television sequel 80’s mermaid! With nosy neighbor lady and the poor man’s John Candy! “A sequel to the popular romantic mermaid drama, in which Allen and Madison return to New York – one to save his business, the other to save a Dolphin in captivity. You […]