Mermaids of Tiburon

“The Most Fantastic Undersea Adventure Ever Filmed!” From writer/director John Lamb who brought us “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” comes the total campfest Mermaids of Tiburon.   “Upon receiving reports that strange unclassified creatures, possibly mermaids, have been observed in the coastal waters off Tiburon Island, marine biologist Samuel Jamison agrees to co-finance an […]



Mad about Men : A Mermaid Sequel

Miranda is back!  Check out the follow up to the classic 1940’s mermaid movie “Miranda”. “A sequel to the unexpected smash hit “Miranda” (1948), 1954’s “Mad About Men” reunites us with Glynis Johns as Miranda Trewella, the beautiful mermaid with an insatiable appetite for fun… and romance. There is an additional twist this time around, […]

Miranda : Classic Mermaid

A little vintage Mermaid movie action for you merfriends!   Miranda came out in 1948, starring Glynis Johns & Googie Withers. “While on a seaside vacation, a doctor finds a beautiful mermaid (Glynis Johns) and takes her to London to see the big city in this comedy fantasy.”  Miranda is available for streaming on Amazon Prime!