Flipping the Scales

via Pete Tarsi A little trading places, mermaid style… “Meredith and Marina’s lives have been flipped upside down. When the translucent skirt that straight-A-student Meredith finds hidden on the beach gets wet, it transforms her legs into a mermaid tail. Despite the evidence in front of her, she insists that becoming a mythical creature isn’t scientifically […]

Flipping the Scales

Helene Boudreau

Real Mermaids Don’t Hold Their Breath

Via Helene Boudreau “Normal is Never Coming Back Jade is totally confused. As in, “will this be a leg-day or a tail-day?” kind of confused. Even worse, it’s been forever since her first kiss with Luke and now—nothing. Not even a text message. Sigh. But Jade doesn’t have time to figure out the weirdness of boys […]

Review : Florence by Ciye Cho

Our favorite Mermaid with a Book is back again!  A huge thank you to Sherlyn for sharing her Mermaid book reviews with us.  Head over to her blog to catch up on all her “fin-tastic” posts and fish puns! Florence (Florence Waverley, #1) by Ciye Cho Publisher: Self-pubbed Released: June 28th 2012 Format: Ebook Source: […]