The Mermaid Foundation

The Mermaid Foundation provides real swimmable mermaid tails and accessories for amputees and the differently abled so they can enjoy the fun and magic of swimming as mermaids.

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A Mermaid Tale: Hospital Staff Helps Girl Swim Without Feet

Ely Pouget, founder of The 2 Tails a maker of real swimmable mermaid tails based in Los Angeles had been wanting to create mermaid tails as prosthetics for amputees and people with disabilities for years. In early 2014, she got an email from a surgical nurse in Pennsylvania who was looking for a mermaid tail for her patient Sara, a 7 year old girl who had just undergone surgery to amputate both of her feet. Ely responded right a way and sent Sara a package with her new mermaid tail and accessories the next morning. Along with the package she included the promise to create a custom mermaid tail for Sara after she had healed from the surgery. That simple email request ignited the beginning of The Mermaid Foundation.

Ely along with her daughters, Sofia, Natasha and Catalina and her husband Andres Garreton founded The Mermaid Foundation to share the freedom and magic of mermaids with those in need.

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