The Water Phoenix : Bola Ogun

 I am very excited to share the first in a 3 part series about Mermaid Anya and her creator Bola Ogun…

Bola Ogun is a writer, director, and actor making “The Water Phoenix.” 


“In this dark fantasy drama, Mermaid Anya has dreamed of what most human women dream of, finding love. But most human girls don’t end up in a cage in search of it.  Captured by a Whaling boat owned by Business mogul Katashi Masuda, she is held captive in an Aquarium to be part of his extensive collection. While she’s displayed as a main attraction, Matthew the tour guide, shepherds in the ogling sightseers and the curious.

Depressed and homesick Anya begins to give up hope; she decides starving herself to death is the only way to leave the Aquarium until she meets Jack who is hired to be her care taker. He finds himself falling in love and promising to free her. But his promises prove to be empty. The complications of their relationship and the plan to escape overwhelm him far too much.

Anya alone, afraid and crushed by Jack’s betrayal, must find a way to get back home to her first love, the sea. She must recover from a broken heart and let go of the naiveté that lead her to rely so heavily on someone else. She must find her independence. She must let go of “Prince Charming.” And she must find a way to rise above and become ‘The Water Phoenix.’”

Note: The content of this synopsis is being re-posted here with permission. To check out the cool Pre-Visualization Artwork of what the film will look like and help bring this film to life visit Bola’s Indiegogo campaign.  

Tune in next Monday for the in-depth interview with Bola Ogun!