How Do I Put on A Mermaid Tail?

Dear Nimiane –

How do I put on my new Mermaid Tail?




Hi Vanessa –

Sophia, who plays Jackie in The 3 Tails.

Sophia, who plays Jackie in The 3 Tails.

Thanks so much for dropping me a line. I understand how confusing it can get there are so many different tails out there so I went ahead and checked in with my friend Sophia who plays ‘Jackie’ on both The 3 Tails YouTube series, and the upcoming movie The Three Tails.

Sophia has used many different tails as a Mermaid in both her online series and in the movie and she gave me a few pointers! First, various tails offer various challenges during the adornment process. Some you can just roll right up while others are like putting a favorite pair of skin tight jeans where you gotta get on the floor, giggle, wriggle to get them on and then dive into that deep breath to do that last button but “Hey” totally worth the time.

Below are some simple steps Sophia hopes will make it easier for you to “get your tail on” LOL!


Simple Steps To Get Your Mermaid Tail On

  1. Sit on a flat surface with your mermaid tail
  2. Be sure you are sitting near the pool or water so you can slip right in for your swim**
  3. Once your tail is placed on the ground in front of you, roll down the skin of the tail like you would roll down a sock
  4. Once the skin of the tail is rolled down to the base by the monofin you’ll be able to slip your feet into the two foot holes that are on the monofin .
  5. Once you place your feet securely inside these monofin foot holes, roll the skin up over your legs all the way to your torso .
  6. Now you are ready to swim!

**Most tails are not made for walking but then again neither are most Mermaids!

Best wishes and happy splashing,


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