Mermaids – Calm Ocean Coloring Collection

via Selina Fenech

I love this!

81gceiVBUELAn alternative to meditation, adult coloring books are a wonderful way to practice mindfulness!  Hundreds of thousands of stressed-out people have taken to this unlikely means of relaxation.  Art therapy has been shown in studies as a very effective way to reduce stress and coloring seems to offer some similar benefits, a way for people to organize their thoughts, and focus.  And so much fun! 

For all my merfriends, I found just the right book!

“Be taken away to a calm, underwater world full of beautiful mermaids, dolphins, and aquatic creatures, as you color in these stunningly detailed illustrations. 

This coloring book features 25 detailed mermaid designs by Selina Fenech, ready to be brought to life with color!”

The Calm Ocean Coloring Collection is available for purchase on Amazon!