Syrena 1

Merfriends!  Sculptor William Jeffrey Jones is responsible for creating this amazing hand carved instrument, featuring an elegant sea siren…


Syrena – 6-String Handcarved Electrique

He discusses the piece on his website:


“The legendary mermaid seemed the perfect motif for one of my carved instruments, allowing me to combine the fantastic with the female form. I’ve been planning this guitar for quite some time, having created the original concept drawing you see further down this page over a year ago. I wanted to develop a mermaid character that I could take a few creative liberties with – such as the tail – rather than just portray the typical mer-creature’s tail. I wanted an image I could coax into an involved and complex rhythmic form, in a fashion not dissimilar to the way I approached her hair. I wanted to be able to feel the tail whipping through the water.”

Head over to for more images and to read the full description and creation story!

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