Update: Mermaid Portfolio Workshop

Back in February, we discovered the Mermaid Portfolio Workshops, hosted by the lovely Mermaid Malena.  The Isla Mujeres Mermaids is happening this week! 

Mermaid Malena

Mermaid Malena

Experienced mermaids will be making their way from all over the world to Isla Mujeres in Mexico to try their fins at deep water diving, swimming with whale sharks and work on building their mermaids portfolio.  

From the Facebook page: “Our love of sharing creative passion images with others will be continuing this coming week with our Mermaid Portfolio Workshop. Bringing people together in a wonderful meet up in beautiful locations. Giving the opportunity to create on location amazing images for their portfolio showing their Ocean Angel Spirit. Protect our Oceans. Become a Mermaid Angel.”

There is still space available to join the workshop in the Bahamas – August 22nd to 28th!  Head over to the website for more details.  Mermaids of all skill levels and experience are welcome.