Update: World of Swimming : Mermaid School

Mermaid School is back! brought to you by World of Swimming, based in Michigan, and they have added a level 2 class : Swimming with a Monofin.  


The next fintastic opportunity will take place in Brooklyn, New York



Saint Francis College, 180 Remsen street, Brooklyn Heights.

August 12-14 – Level 2. Swimming with Monofin.

During this technical and imaginary camp participants will dive much deeper then your regular swimming lessons/teams, will study mechanic of the water creatures movements, become more intuitive swimmer.

We have our best national coaches and certified mermaid instructors in Brooklyn to teach you how to use and swim with mono fin/ mermaid tail, how to develop great dolphin kick and balance, how to be quicker and faster and more fluid in the water.  Instant underwater Video analysis will be used for better learning.


Head over to World of Swimming for all the details!